Kindness, One Small Gesture at a Time

With a carefree attitude, I was walking down the streets of Rio de Janeiro. I had already loosened my tie, messed up my hair and was carrying my blazer over my handbag. This morning, I had received a call for a job interview at a big company in my country and had just left their office.

While I was waiting for the bus, I took out my bus pass, glanced and saw a father carrying his son on his shoulders. They were laughing with abundant joy about something the little boy said.

This sight instantly reminded me of my dad. He was a really nice guy! He taught me everything he knew about life and didn’t let me skip one day of school, hoping that I would have a better life than he did. My dad was the kindest person I knew. He would win anyone’s sympathy with his deep brown eyes, grey hair and welcoming smile! He would stop the car every time someone wanted to cross the street. He would worry about everyone’s problems as if they were his own. He was a great listener and comforted people like no one else. I like to believe he changed the world with small gestures. One time as he opened the door for a lady, he turned to me and said, “small gestures can become gigantic and if everybody did their part, the world would be a better place.”

It is for these memories and every value my father taught me that as soon as I see an elderly person get on the bus with difficulty, I run to help! Inside my heart, I carry the hope that I will have the opportunity to see this world covered with kindness…

By Beatriz Petereit-Bartmeyer

#amour #bienveillance #kindness #histoires

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