Home Sweet Home

What does home really means ?

When I started writing this essay, I had never really thought much about the meaning of home. But now, I have found out that it means a lot.

To me, home can mean a secure, cheerful place where you are respected and loved. Home means an enjoyable, happy place, where you can live, laugh and learn. It’s a lot more than just a house. It can be where your memories lie or even be someone. The saying “ Home is where the heart is” says it all.

Being an exchange student makes me being in a position in my life that home never meant so much to me. When I started this adventure I didn’t know I would miss my home so much. And although I have a new life here, inside a new family and with friends that mean the world for me, I still have the feeling that nothing is better than going home.

Home is like a safe harbour, somewhere you can always come back and restore your energies. And, at the same time is a place that you are not stuck in, it’s always possible to leave and create new memories somewhere else. To live your life.

Now, I asked my friends from the exchange what was the meaning of home to them. We are 17 in total and not a single one from the same country.

« Home is the destination of life »

Roosa, Finland

« Home is where I feel safe and loved »

Isabella Baralt, Venezuela

« The place where I can eat a lot and don’t feel judged »

Olimpia Maria Terruzzi, Italy

« Home for me it's the feeling. "Free, Safe, Warm and Liked". So it can be a person, a place, a certain food or anything that makes me feel like that. Sometimes home is also sad!😳 »

Patita Thammapradit, Thailand

ปทิตตา ธรรมประดิษฐ์ (my name in Thai)

« Home is a warm place where I feel loved, safe and where I can be myself. »

Maud Smits, Belgium

« Home is what feels part of your essence and what makes you be genuinely yourself. »

Isabella Solar, Chile.

« Home is the person that brings the best out of you. »

Sofia Müllerová, Slovakia.

« My home is where I’m loved. »

Iga Glaza, Poland

« For me is home where the people I love are. »

Valerius Kerkhoff, Germany

«Home is where you make it. »

Alexia Lapadat, Romania

« Home is a place where I can relax and where I am loved. »

Yun Chen, Taiwan


« Home is where I can be myself and I feel relieved. »

Kanako Amano, Japan

« Home is where you are accepted and understood by people around you. Where people are willing to give you enough love to make you feel, how we usually say "just like at home". »

Miloš Korićanac, Bosnie

« Home is not a country or an apartment. Home is where you are with the people that makes you happy, that makes you laugh... Is where you feel comfortable to the point of being yourself knowing that nobody will judge you. »

Daniel Rodríguez de Acuña Betancort, Spain

« Homes where I can prepare my favorite food, take a shower with music, sing loudly, read without noise, dance with all confidence, sleep comfortably and even walk without clothes freely. »

Julissa Osorio Jara, Peru

« Home is where i feel comfortable, can be myself and am with the people I love the most »

Eva Mitterlehner, Austria

And my question is: for you, what is the meaning of home?

Beatriz Petereit Bartmeyer

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